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We look Forward To Getting to know you and to helping you take your business to new heights!

We look Forward To Getting to know
you and to helping you take your
business to new heights!

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We look Forward To Getting to know you and to helping you take your
business to new heights!

We look Forward To Getting to know
you and to helping you take your
business to new heights!

Contact Us Now!

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Artificial Intelligence

QuantFarm leverages the power of AI to boost your business through 1. Fraud detection and prevention of financial transactions 2. Chat bots capable of understanding natural language 3. Cybersecurity through real-time threat detection, monitor behaviour, detect anomalies, adapt and respond to threats and issue alerts 4. Virtual shopping capabilities that offer personalized recommendations and discuss purchase options with the consumer 5. Image classification and speech recognition for multiple applications

Blockchain Technology

QuantFarm’s world class Blockchain services team is at the forefront of this revolutionary technology poised to transform the world of business through 1. Digital Identity since users get more control over their identity as they can share it only with trusted parties and no single centralized entity can tamper with user identities or data. 2. Smart contracts in the real estate industry, involving several parties and individuals, including owners, lenders, investors and service providers 3. Risk Management and better capital optimisation, due to a significant reduction in operational costs 4. Increased accuracy of diagnoses in the healthcare industry due to the data portability and interoperability of records within the healthcare ecosystem 5. The music industry gets benefited by the transparent system for all permissioned participants (music producers, artists and other relevant players) to define the rules of engagement (via smart contracts) and for automatic payments disbursal to the concerned parties.

Internet of Things

Begin with QuantFarm to get ahead with our sophisticated solutions and services in IoT 1. Factory IoT data as it streams from connected equipment to forecast expected load and demand using recurrent networks, a specific type of deep learning network used with sequence data. 2. Edge computing and analytics can solve the challenge for enterprises ranging from oil and gas production to banks and retailers. 3. Continuous customer engagement through connected devices, monitor products and provide proactive support 4. Maximize visibility of supply chains and improve transport operations of valuable cargo 5. Business process monitoring through detailed monitoring to other areas of business, including office work and field operations

Robotic Process Automation

QuantFarm’s expertise in RPA provides organizations with the ability to 1. Reduce staffing costs and human error by deploying bots to run multiple processes 2. Supercharge their automation efforts by injecting RPA with cognitive technologies such as ML, speech recognition, and natural language processing, automating higher-order tasks that in the past required the perceptual and judgment capabilities of humans 3. Driving efficiency by cutting down time spent on mundane but vital processes and compliance, automating tasks to free up skilled workers to apply themselves more creatively

Featured Service

Digital Analytics

  • Developing Buyer Persona by Clickstream Clustering
  • Multi Touch Attribution Modelling
  • Social Listening

Supply Chain Analytics

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Network Planning & optimization

Healthcare Analytics

  • Disease Prediction
  • Medical Image Classification
  • Risk Prediction

Marketing Analytics

  • Marketing Mix Model
  • Churn Analytics
  • Customer Analytics

Workforce Analytics

  • Recruitment/ Selection Analytics
  • Employee Attrition Analytics
  • Employee Training Analytics

Financial Analytics

  • Credit Risk Analytics
  • Credit Scorecard Development
  • Value Driver/ Shareholder Value Analytics