Employee Retention Analytics

Addresses employee churn by analyzing internal and external talent data intelligence, and help an organization address major attrition questions, including:

  • Who are the top performers that are at high risk of leaving, and why?
  • When are they more likely to quit?
  • What proactive actions could be done to retain employees?

Employee retention is about proactively identifying and understanding which of your valuable employees are employees at risk of leaving, and when and why they would leave. Analytics can help to marry employee data, company data, and market data to predict and interpret top-performing employees’ behaviors, giving you competitive insights for your retention strategies.

Talent Acquisition/ Recruitment Analytics

Talent acquisition analytics preselects who to meet for an interview, how to optimize the interview process, help to determine the best ways to vet candidates and set up interview questions, and assist with creating some tests that can be used to analyze the correlation between a candidate’s performance during the interview and his or her performance in a job function

Performance Analytics

To figure out the impact of the drivers of performance in an organization

Promotion Analytics

To promote or not to promote that’s the question

Employee Engagement Analytics

Helps to understand the various drivers of employee engagement that deliver happier, more productive workers, and decrease unplanned turnover

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