QuantFarm is a strategic consulting firm delivering digital transformation of enterprises through artificial intelligence, intelligent automation and business analytics.  We partner and empower clients to enterprise to navigate the digital ecosystem leading to future-proofing of enterprises.  This is accomplished through a convergence of multi-layered domain knowledge, exposure across diverse verticals and deep consulting experience.

QuantFarm (www.quantfarm.com) helps its clients accelerate their Digital Transformation with a powerful combination of emerging technologies; Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA)  and Internet of Things (IOT). QuantFarm is able to demonstrate this consistently, quickly & reliably- mitigating the risks &maximizing the RoI. As digital transformation is sweeping the globe, companies are trying to gain competitive edge leveraging technologies leading to intelligent automation and creation of a digital workforce.

QuantFarm is headquartered in Silicon Valley with a delivery centre in Pune, India.

Our Expertise

Companies in Banking, Insurance, Utility, Commodity and High Tech have benefited from our expertise in leveraging AI & RPA, creation of  a Digital Workforce and Data-Smart & Data –Driven Real-Time  Analysis.

We bring in the required expertise, along with best of breed platforms and technologies in AI, RPA, IOT and Big Data Analytics, to build end-to-end solutions. So whether you need help in Data Engineering and Data Preparation or a powerful Predictive Model or an Ethereum based supply chain application, QuantFarm can help with its portfolio of tools from Datameter & DataRobot to TensorFlow and from AWS & Azure to Hyperledger & beyond.