Dynamic Real Time Marketing Mix Model

  • Automatically calculates the best channels and mix to invest to hit your goals and KPIs, adjusting on the fly as it goes and gathers new learning and insights
  • Provides intelligence as to which channels influenced conversions so you understand the mix involved, at the individual level

Autonomous Media Buying

  • Machine capabilities that make buying decisions based on widespread multivariate testing of audiences, bids, keywords, targeting, domains and placements to understand what’s working and what’s not, and what has the greatest potential to reach the goal(s) of the campaign
  • Added layer on top of/connected to your existing search, social, and display account(s)
  • Works 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, buying media, making bid adjustments and structuring campaign activity

Churn Analytics

Customer churn refers to when a customer ceases relationship with a company

  • Which customers are more prone to churn?
  • When are my customers likely to leave?
  • Why are my customers leaving us? Which are the most critical factors on customer churn?
  • How does a churner profile look like? What makes our churner different?

Recommendation Engine

A recommendation engine analyzes available data to make suggestions for something that a website user might be interested in, such as a book, a video or a job, among other possibilities.

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