Internet of Things

Intelligent Process Automation manifests through Internet of Things. This is a multitude of systems inter-related and integrated through instruments and sensors, controlled by a set of command modules, to deliver a seamless set of transactions. Automation with intelligence enables routine transactions and data processing to be mechanized using a digital workforce. It can be implemented for a smart home as well as for a controlled industrial process. Large-scale adoption of RPA and AI would necessitate widespread penetration and proliferation of IoT devices.

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  1. IoT data from factories, as it streams from connected equipment, can be used to forecast expected load and demand using recurrent networks This is a specific type of deep learning network used with sequence data.
  2. Continuous customer engagement through connected devices, monitors products and provide proactive support.
  3. Edge computing and analytics can solve the challenge for enterprises ranging from oil and gas production to banks and retailers.
  4. Maximize visibility of supply chains and improve transport operations of valuable cargo
  5. Business process monitoring through detailed monitoring to other areas of business, including office work and field operations.
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