Credit Risk Analytics

Develop credit scorecard to determine whom to give the credit and how much to give the credit

Product profitability analytics

To stay competitive, businesses need to know where money is being made and lost. Product profitability analytics is a way of discovering profitability by individual product, rather than looking at the business. To do this you need to assess each product and its costs individually. Admittedly, this can be tricky because your products may well share production processes or cost bases. Therefore, you need to find a reliable and fair way to apportion costs to your various products.

Cash flow analytics

The day-to-day running of a business requires a certain amount of cash to keep the lights on, wages paid, etc. Knowing how money is moving in and out of your business is essential for gauging the health of your business. Cash flow analytics involves using retrospective or real-time indicators such as the Cash Conversion Cycle and Working Capital Ratio. You can also use tools like regression analysis to predict future cash flow.

Value driver analytics

Most businesses have a sense of where they are heading and what they are trying to achieve. Often these goals are formalized on a strategy map that identifies the value drivers in the business. These value drivers are the key levers that the business needs to pull to meet its strategic objectives. Value driver analytics is the assessment of these levers to ensure they deliver the expected outcome.

Shareholder value analytics

The results and interpretation of the results by investors, analysts and the media will determine how successful your business is on the stock market. Shareholder value analytics is a calculation of the value of a company made by looking at the returns the business provides to its shareholders. It effectively measures the financial consequences of strategy and assesses how much value the business’s strategy is delivering to the shareholders.

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