Dynamic Real Time Segment Creation & Micro-Segment Creation

  • Segments can include current customers, site visitor segments, lookalike audiences, or entirely new audience
  • AI creates more precise site visitor segments on-the-fly, using a combination of different customer engagements
  • Tests hundreds of variables against these segments in a fraction of the time it would take a human marketer to do

Find Customers using Autonomous Audience Identification and Targeting

  • Increases the efficiency of optimization due to the ability to explore and expand audiences, or weed out the wrong ones
  • Creates audience lists dynamically, at machine pace and precision
  • Across multiple platforms in a continuous fashion; each channel providing its own avenue to expand the reach of your campaign

Holistic Cross-Channel Orchestration

  • Unifying paid media activity into a single point of execution
  • Leveraging historical data from your paid channel accounts and connected to your first party data sources
  • Holistically manage and optimize your activity across channels, creating a lot of efficiency and effectiveness from every ad dollar spent.
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