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Business Analytics

Data Sciences and Big Data adoption can potentially elevate the enterprise efficiency delivering sustained competitive advantage. Real Time & Disruptive Analytics can lead to actionable insights and efficiency of operations leading to superior RoI.  Leading the trend towards Real Time & Disruptive Analytics, QuantFarm specializes in Marketing, Supply Chain, Financial and HR Analytics across Banking, Digital Media, IT, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Logistics and E Commerce.

With some of the brightest minds in the world of Data Science and leveraging State-of-the-Art tools and technologies, we deliver superior ROI for our clients across the globe. While most of the consulting companies use standard algorithms for their projects, we analyze a problem from multiple dimensions and often use more than one algorithm to arrive at the best possible outcome. Besides impacting revenue and costs, we also strive to discover a new business model and deliver a sustainable Competitive Edge.

Leverage the QuantFarm Advantage and stay ahead with our unique process excellence.

  1. Dedicated Centre of Excellence (CoE): Data scientists keep developing and fine tuning algorithms.
  2. Non-Dependence on A Single Algorithm: Multiple algorithms applied to solve each business problem to gain a holistic perspective.
  3. Contextualizing Off-the-Shelf Algorithms: Instead of directly applying any existing algorithm, necessary customization is done.
  4. ROI Driven: Consistently deliver atleast 5X-10X RoI leading to tactical operational gains.
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