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The Old Monk – Analytically Spiritual & Mathematically Philosophical

Being a rational person, I always thought that I should define my own destination and the path to reach the same without subscribing to any given path, as one size does not fit all. In fact, my metaphysical quest after the ultimate truth triggered my research bent of mind. I gave into my reading habit […]

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Application of Derivatives to Nonlinear Programming for Prescriptive Analytics

Gone are the days when business analytics would bank on statistics alone. Besides the traditional probability theory and statistics, the machine learning techniques of the present era, work in complete sync with linear algebra, graph theory, dynamic programming, multivariate calculus etc. As far as multivariate calculus is concerned, the different methods that lend support to […]

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Coffee With a Data Scientist: Tuhin Chattopadhyay, Ph.D.

In the fourth issue of DZone’s Coffee With a Data Scientist, we had a chat with business analytics evangelist, Tuhin Chattopadhyay. Having had a wide range of experiences—from being a professor at multiple business schools, to working as the Editor-in-Chief at International Journal of Business Analytics and Intelligence, to offering business consultation as an Associate Director […]

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AI-Powered NLP: The Evolution of Machine Intelligence From Machine Learning

This article will illustrate the transition of the NLP landscape from a machine learning paradigm to the realm of machine intelligence and walk the readers through a few critical applications along with their underlying algorithms. Nav Gill’s blog on the stages of AI and their role in NLP presents a good overview of the subject. […]

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