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Uniquely Customer-Focused

QuantFarm has been designed from ground-up to solve the Big Data challenges of its customers and meet their needs in this specific domain. Hence every aspect of our business, from understanding customer’s requirements to designing the best possible solutions to supporting their systems, is carefully structured around this domain and our team is always focused on achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Specialist in Big Data & Data Science

You are assured of Success

QuantFarm has been created with a singular mission to focus on Big Data & Data Science only. This helps us to sharpen our technical skills and stay current with the latest technological developments. Our focus has resulted in our deeper understanding of the issues and challenges faced by an enterprise when they plan their first Hadoop Project. Most companies are not sure how to begin their Big Data Journey; which Use-Cases to consider first; how to assess the risks and the ROI from a pilot project. That is why we have designed a very unique PoC (Proof-of-Concept) Platform WhizBang which enables you to try out a Pilot Big Data project within 2 weeks at a cost of $10,000 or less. We understand issues around Meta-Data Management, Data Governance and Security and follow the Best-Practices. Our focus makes it easier for us to help our customers navigate the tricky issues safely by mitigating the risks and enhancing the ROI.


On-Demand & Cost-Effective Resources

QuantFarm is one of the few full-services companies from India to deliver high quality IP-led integrated services on Big Data & Data Science. Our expertise and resources in Hadoop, Spark, Spark MLlib, Scala, Casandra, MongoDB, Machine Learning, R, Python, Drill etc. in India, ensure you have access to them whenever needed, at a very reasonable price. You can quickly ramp up or ramp down, without any challenges. In a global market where finding & retaining quality and cost-effective talent in Big Data & Data Science is rather tricky, we bring a breath of fresh air for our customers, by providing quality resources on demand, at extremely competitive price.

Automation via Proprietary tools & utilities

Reduce risks & costs

Apart from WhizBang, QuantFarm has also developed a few utilities in-house which help in automating various parts of a project, thus saving not just time and cost but also raising the quality/accuracy. As an example, during a migration project (where applications with large amount of data need to be migrated to Hadoop), our tools speed up the migration process and also help us in testing. Thus QuantFarm is one of the few companies to have its own IP along the entire Big Data Value Chain- starting from the discovery of the most appropriate Use-Cases for Big Data Implementation; to simulation and prediction of the ROI; to the actual execution. This kind of an IP-led solutions approach to Big Data Consulting puts QuantFarm into a league of its own.

Nimble & Innovative

Assured of State-of-the-Art Technologies at all times

Big Data & Data Science is a fast emerging field and there are new developments almost every month. Hence it is very important that your Services Partner is nimble and can master new technologies quickly. Since we are a very focused Service Provider, we can invest in training and development and maintain our technological edge.