WhizBang-Big Data Analytical Simulator & ROI Predictor

What is WhizBang?

WhizBang is a unique, low-cost, low-risk, automated Big Data Analytical Simulator & ROI Predictor. It is designed to help enterprise customers intelligently experiment with a Big Data PoC (Proof-of-Concept) Project and derive valuable insights quickly, in order to determine if the specific PoC is a good candidate for the full-scale Big Data implementation or not.

Why did we build it?

Companies around the world are actively evaluating Big Data Analytics and are exploring ways to leverage it inside their organization. However, they are also suffering from FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) factor and are not sure how to get started correctly. They are eager to solve their business problems but are also apprehensive of making mistakes. This leads them to follow a trusted path which is to start with a pilot project which serves as a PoC. But before they can get started with their PoC, they are confronted with a few question:

  • which specific Use- Case (amongst the many inside a typical enterprise) should be selected for this PoC and why?
  • is it really feasible? Can we get the required data in the desired format, before we can do any analytics?
  • What are the risks? What sort of ROI can we expect?
  • what technology stack/architecture/resources do we need?
  • what about the cost & time?
  • how do we actually evaluate the success of the PoC?

WhizBang address all the above issues and replaces fear with confidence for our clients. The success or failure of a PoC may have long term impact on the IT strategy and Business Outcome of an enterprise. Hence it is vitally important that the most appropriate Use-Case is selected for the PoC and the PoC project is designed and implemented properly. Moreover since the budget for a typical PoC is small, it is important that time and cost commitments are kept to a minimum.

WhizBang helps in selection of the most appropriate Use-Case; determining the Technology-Stack; preparing the required data and ingesting it correctly. WhizBang then performs the. analytical simulation, data visualization and ROI calculation. It delivers key insights within 2 weeks on a very small budget (usually $10,000 or less). It also predicts the eventual ROI which would result from the full-scale implementation of Big Data Analytics on that specific Use- Case.


How Does it Work:

QuantFarm’s Consulting Team will first understand the most pressing business needs/concerns of an enterprise and suggest the most appropriate candidates for a Big Data PoC. Once a Big Data Use- Case has been identified, it is very simple to set up the PoC, using Whiz Bang technology. QuantFarm’s Consulting Team will prepare the relevant data set, in the required format and ensure that the data is accurate/complete. Once data preparation is completed, we will ingest the data set for the PoC into WhizBang and launch the process with appropriate query engine. It will then automatically perform the required analytics and display the output in an easy to understand visual dash board. The powerful yet simple UI of Whiz Bang makes it very easy to configure, design and implement the PoC quickly. The intelligent design of Whiz Bang allows you to extrapolate the results obtained and project the ROI over a larger data set.

The primary consideration behind the design of WhizBang was to keep the PoC process simple and deliver the insight in shortest possible time while mitigating the risk, for any given Use-Case. Since selecting the right PoC and implementing it successfully is an important objective for any enterprise, WhizBang is an ideal platform for this purpose.


The key objectives of the PoC and the success criteria have to be decided before the PoC finalized. The customer has to provide access to the data set, relevant for the PoC to QuantFarm’s Consulting Team. The Schema of the data has to be made available as well as any other relevant technical details of the underlying system.


  • Cost-effective data driven approach to selecting the best Use-Case for Big Data implementation. You can assess the ROI of any proposed Big Data project on a very small budget, within a couple of weeks & with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Insights on Technology Stack, Hardware Infrastructure Requirements and Performance Metrics in the eventual production environment.
  • Risk mitigation as WhizBang dramatically reduces the risk of failures during full-blown Big Data implementation.


$10,000 or less (in most cases, though the final price will be determined once all the details regarding the PoC are made available).


2 weeks (in most cases; however we can estimate it accurately once all the details regarding the PoC are made available).