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Data is revolutionizing and today the companies are busy collecting vast amounts of data that are nothing but store-houses of useful insights into business. While the companies are involved in the collection, they are lacking in skilled manpower for scaling complex databases, as well as monitoring the tedious day-to-day operations of the IT systems. So, here comes the importance of a provider who can offer managed services and offload IT operations so that the primary focus is on strategising growth plans.

The vast amounts of data that companies are collecting, the continuous decrease of storage costs over the past several years, and the technological advancements with cloud computing have made big data initiatives much more feasible and quicker-to-market than past data warehousing initiatives. Unfortunately for many companies, the complexity of scaling Hadoop clusters, NoSQL databases, and other big data technologies has been challenging because they lack in-house skills. After finding that the DIY model is not driving the anticipated return on investment (ROI), CIOs are starting to consider cloud-based managed services as a way to achieve a better, quicker ROI on their big data initiatives.

Why Managed Services?

  • Infrastructure on Demand: Rapid deployment, On-Premise or Cloud as per your Business Requirements
  • Proactive Support with Guaranteed SLA: Not only a cure but also Root Cause Analysis provided for all support issues
  • Assisted ‘Best Practice’ Design: ‘Best-in-class’ solutions guaranteed by our competent and experienced professionals
  • Capacity Planning with Predictable Costs: ‘Elastic’ Orchestration of Architecture; scale both ways seamlessly with predictable costs
  • Expert Guide for Future Road-mapping: Future-proof you’re infrastructure, for minimum disruptions

QuantFarm support Services

  • Service support models: (8×5 to 24×7, 365 days as per your requirements) for your entire infrastructure and application technology stack.
  • Certified, Highly skilled and Industry-Experienced engineering resources

Platform Support

Administration, monitoring, and support of Big Data Platforms (Hadoop/Spark) and Services :

  1. Monitoring/Managing/Configuring platform and its services, resources, availability, security, etc.
  2. Executing scheduled administration and maintenance jobs.
  3. Providing proactive notifications. Planning for resource and capacity management.
  4. Performing software upgrades and patch installs.

Application Support

Monitoring, ongoing application support and enhancements for customer-developed applications :

  1. Monitoring application/service logs/workflows and acting on exceptions and failures.
  2. Running data quality reports and ad-hoc jobs as defined in the client run-book.
  3. Support for Data ingestion/integration, transformation, preparation.
  4. Executing application log archival.

Staff Augmentation

Seamlessly extend your team with our Data Engineering (Admin, DevOps, Development) & Analytics (Data Science) experts.


  1. On-demand scale-up, scale-down of expert resources possible at speed, without any hassles.
  2. Skilled talent available on demand—without the lengthy recruitment processes. No attrition worries for you.

Value Addition Offerings in Managed Services

QuantFarm also specializes in various automation and cutting-edge methodologies including:

  • High-Available Architecture with Load Balancing.
  • Performance Tuning and
  • Version Upgrades for Hadoop distros & ecosystem tools.
  • Phoenix/Disaster Recovery site setup.
  • Default and Custom level Alerts : via Widgets from Ambari, Cloudera and also from REST API.
  • Full System Build Outs using DevOps
  • Processing Engine Optimization: enabling different modes like MapReduce, TEZ , SPARK and Impala.
  • Resource Optimization through designating resource pool available via Scheduling.
  • Data Management and Auditing through Cloudera Navigator.
  • Configuration Management through Hortonworks Smart Sense.
  • Data Ingestion, Preparation, Analysis and Visualization using open-source (Sqoop, Flume, PIG, Hive etc.) as well as commercial tools.
  • Building robust data pipelines; Integration of SPARK with Kafka.

QuantFarm security services offering

Secure your infrastructure and technology stack with the help of our experts.

Security Components chose focusing on your setup, exact needs and future growth plans.

  • Kerberos(MIT) : Network Authentication Protocol for Cluster Security.
  • Ranger/Sentry : Security across Apache Hadoop Ecosystem.
  • LDAP/AD : Centralizing User Authorization; Single Sign-on benefits; make IAM policies intact.
  • SSL : Securing Web Pages via applying certificates, purchased through CA authorities.
  • ACLs : Access Control Levels like READ, WRITE and EXECUTE for groups.
  • User level access on UI: Read/Write level access on User Interfaces.
  • VPN : Network level filtering to allow desired set of audience and isolating the infrastructure.
  • OS Hardening : Securing OS by applying firewall, blocking port and privileged access etc.

Realized Benefits of managed services

  • Growth through Innovation : Lets your team focus solely on delivering core business value.
  • Maximizing Efficiency : Delivery of accurate results on or before scheduled time.
  • Reducing Costs : Delivery of successful outcomes at optimum costs.
  • Empowering Big Data Strategy : Leverage our best practices, technology expertise and industry experience and with your strategy and goals.
  • Faster Time to Market: Leverage our services to accelerate your time to market.