Admin and Managed Services

1. Cluster Setup:

  • Technology Stack Setup: ‘Hyper-Customized’, Multi-node, scalable cluster from world’s leading Cloud providers of your choice (vendor-agnostic) with selective Big Data Ecosystem (Hadoop and Tools) components configured to match your specific business requirements.
  • ‘Personalized Dev-Test’ Environment Setup: ‘Hyper-Customized’ & extremely cost effective, single node cluster setup for every developer on their machine. Light-weight with a very small foot-print.
  • Complete Production Environment Setup: Setting up of DEV, TEST, UAT and PROD environments.

2. System Administration & Maintenance:

  • System Administration: 24*7 Maintenance of scalable, Big Data technology stack (customized to match client’s exact requirements).

3. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning (DR/BCP):

QuantFarm consultants identify, develop and provide a framework for building an effective Disaster Recovery and Response mechanism that safeguards the interests of client's key stakeholders.

Although redundancy is built into Hadoop’s core, a Business Continuity Plan is a necessity.

  • Systematic backups: Incremental Data Backups are scheduled frequently in accordance with the data's criticality.
  • Redundant cluster: Clusters are mirrored and replicated in different geographic locations/regions in order to minimize the chances of simultaneous failures.
  • Orchestration Tools: Cluster monitoring and orchestration tools are used to remotely manage the infrastructure.
  • Documentation: A documented and practical BCP & DR drill is established to support the response and management of business disruptions.

The combination of QuantFarm's proven, tools-assisted analysis and engineering-led solutions help clients mitigate risks with a comprehensive continuity strategy.

Your data protection processes and systems will become increasingly reliable and easier to manage.

QuantFarm will help you achieve your service-level agreements and more importantly ensure sustained access to the data that supports and drives your business.