Need to make sense of the Data that keeps accumulating in and around your organization but don't know where to start?

Need help to lay out your technology stack and roadmap and manage your Big Data projects?

Need help with your product development in parts or whole from concept to completion?

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Need help with setting up and managing your Big Data Cluster Setup 24*7?

Need help with a 'Personalized Big Data DEV-TEST' environment setup for your Developers?

Need help with your 'Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning'?

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Success stories

Architecture Re-Design

Architecture Re-Design for a leading Global Financial Institution

Benefits: Optimal Architecture and Tuning increased the performance by 20X.

Oracle Stack to Hadoop Ecosystem

Migration from Oracle Stack to Hadoop Ecosystem for a US Sporting Goods Company

Benefits: Reduced the computation time from 5 hours to 40 minutes.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis for a large US Bank

Benefits: Voice recordings converted to Text Files and later analyzed for understand the customer sentiment.

Click Stream Analytics

Click Stream Analytics for a large US Retail Chain

Benefits: Better Recommendations, leading to increase in revenue by $1 Million within a span of 1 month.

Basket Analytics

Basket analytics for a large Online Retail Company in India

Benefits: Analyzed what products customer see, but they don’t purchase leading to actions that increased client revenue by $3 Million per month.

Elastic Map Reduce

Automation of EMR (Elastic Map Reduce) for a US Logistics company

Benefits: Reduced the computation time from 11 hours in Microsoft SQL Server to 22 minutes in Hadoop.

Catalog Management System

Enterprise Catalog Management System for a large US Retail Chain

Benefits: Single window system across the organization enabling them to monitor their business units; also enables Enterprise Data Governance.

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