Data Valuation & Monetization

Creating revenue from customer data

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Our Services

Industry Report & Use Case Analysis

Stay ahead of your competition with our industry report. Find out what are the latest data monetization opportunities in your industry today so that you’re ready to move when the time is right.

Data Audit

Prepare your data for commercialization with a data audit which helps you identify high-value segments in your data. Uncover weaknesses in your data collection strategies, schema and attributes that you can address immediately to prevent potentially costly problems from arising.

Customized Advisory Package

No matter where you are on your data monetization journey – from identifying data engineering inefficiencies to enjoying network effects in the data economy – our advisory packages can be customized to meet the needs of your business.

QuantFarm can help you with

  • Data Valuation: Determine the economic value ($ amount) of your data.
    • Economic Value Determination Framework:
      1. Identify a Targeted Business Initiative
      2. Estimate Financial Value of the Business Initiative
      3. Identify Supporting Business Use Cases
      4. Estimate Financial Value of each Use Case
      5. Estimate value of Supporting Data
      6. Identify and Capture Analytics
      7. Putting Analytics into Action
  • Data Monetization:
    • Methods of monetization
      1. Selling Raw Data: ‘As is’ data sets
      2. Selling Curated Data: Cleansed, Profiled data sets
      3. Selling Insights buried in the data: Highest Value, domain-specific (e.g. Customer purchase behaviours, Product performance tendencies, New market demands etc.)