Consulting and Development Services

Consulting and Development Services 2017-12-10T09:09:42+00:00

QuantFarm offers AI and Big Data analytics solutions to companies. Our motto is to help our clients be successful and increase their revenue by giving them useful insights into business through analysis done from data collected and provided by the clients. The analytics helps the client make intelligent decisions about their business, consumer behaviour, market trends and competitor analysis.

With technical expertise, process maturity and robust knowledge across industry verticals, we offer innovative solutions to our clients in the fields of Big Data analytics, Blockchain analysis, predictive analytics, and other emerging solutions.

At Quantfarm, we’re especially proud of our expert developers who perform an in-depth analysis of client needs and adopt agile development processes to deliver services as well as creating a niche in the field of Big Data analytics.

Advisory Service:

  1. Big Data Readiness
  2. Defining Use Case and Business Case
  3. Business Impact Assessment & ROI Analysis
  4. Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Data Management Services:

  1. Data Ingestion/Migration: Ingesting/Migrating data from enterprises’ multiple data sources in a variety of formats.
  2. Data Cleansing: Detection, correction/removal of erroneous data.
  3. Data Transformation: Applying Transformations and Mapping the data to the new systems to achieve accurate, clean and error free data source.
  4. Data Integration/Visualization: Integrating the data and applying Business Intelligence/Visualization tools on it.