Consulting and Development Services

QuantFarm offers the following niche consultancy and developmental services in the areas of Big Data and Analytics.

Advisory Service:

  1. Big Data Readiness
  2. Defining Use Case and Business Case
  3. Business Impact Assessment & ROI Analysis
  4. Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Data Management Services:

  1. Data Ingestion/Migration: Ingesting/Migrating data from enterprises’ multiple data sources in a variety of formats.
  2. Data Cleansing: Detection, correction/removal of erroneous data.
  3. Data Transformation: Applying Transformations and Mapping the data to the new systems to achieve accurate, clean and error free data source.
  4. Data Integration/Visualization: Integrating the data and applying Business Intelligence/Visualization tools on it.

Advanced Services:

  • Building Rule Engines for decision making based on System/Organization/Customer level rules.
  • Generating Unique Ids across enterprises (to take care of the problem of multiple Ids for a single entity).

Technology Consulting Services:

  1. Technology Stacks & Road Map
  2. Outsourced Product Development
  3. Application Development & Maintenance
  4. Technology Consulting Services:
    • Onshore-Offsite Model
    • Agile Development
    • Code Collaboration & Management Tools
    • Dedicated Project Managers/Client Partners
Programming Languages Python, Scala, R, Java, JavaScript (client-side plus NodejS)
Hadoop and Ecosystem Ingestion Tools (Flume, Sqoop),
Transformation Tools (PIG, Hive),
MapReduce, YARN, Zookeeper, Oozie,
Machine Learning (Mahout)
Spark and Ecosystem Machine Learning (MLib),
Streaming (Spark Streaming),
Shark (SQL-on-Spark)
NoSQL Databases Column-based store (HBase, Cassandra),
Document-based store (CouchDB, MongoDB),
Key-Value store [Amazon S3 (Dynamo)],
Graph-based (Neo4J)

Enterprises, big and small when seeking Consultancy services for their Big Data projects are rightly concerned about risks involved with unknowns. From our regular discussions with the industry, the common fears/unknowns are usually in the forms of

  • Viability of the solution architecture,
  • Costs involved in the project and
  • Overall risk about the successful completion of the project with the ROI assurance.

QuantFarm addresses each of these concerns with a well-defined process and methodology as follows:


QuantFarm solutions are based on latest and proven (stable) technology platforms with scalable, distributed, service-oriented architectures. QuantFarm solutions ensure following features:

  • Very high performance for current as well as future needs without the need to redesign or make any fundamental changes to the architecture of the system.
  • In the event of a failure, easy to pin-point the specific service/module, isolate that service, fix it and spring it back into action.
  • Highly adaptive architecture to meet new requirements. New services can be written and integrated easily.
  • Easy to maintain and reduces maintenance spend.


  • QuantFarm solutions are based on Open Source Technologies and Commodity Hardware saving exorbitant costs associated with commercial software and hardware products, their licenses, upkeep etc.
  • No “lock-in” or dependency on proprietary technology from any particular commercial vendor, thus saving huge costs, if client were to change vendors at any time in future.


  • Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA)-based development: The risk of having a black box delivered that either runs or fails is mitigated. In the event of a failure, it would be very easy to pin-point only the service/module that has failed, making the troubleshooting quick and focused, without impacting the whole system.
  • Software development and Project Management on Open-source ecosystem: The risk of having a vendor “lock-in” is mitigated.
  • Agile Methodology: The entire software development effort would be done using Agile Methodology (SCRUM). The risk of the project failing after a huge loss of time, money and effort is mitigated.
  • Real Time Visibility into the project: The entire software development effort (code, output, issues, stories, discussions etc.) would be checked into an Open-source, Distributed Version Control system for all stake holders to access at any point in time.
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning: The project would have a thorough Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan in place. The entire development and management effort would be replicated at several places using both offline and on-line storage mediums. A detailed plan would be available to get the development back on track in the fastest possible time frame, in case of a glitch due to an unforeseen event.
  • Dedicated Client Partner: Apart from the Project Manager, QuantFarm designates dedicated Client Partner whose sole focus is to look after client's best interests for the entire duration the project.
  • Attrition Planning: QuantFarm’s Core Team, due to its IIT and IISc credentials has a very strong and an ever-growing network of exceptionally talented resources of the same pedigree. The risk of project getting affected due to attrition of members is mitigated due to the fact that QuantFarm has a huge pool of readily available, exceptionally talented resources of similar backgrounds. It makes on-boarding of these resources on-demand and getting them up to speed quickly, a relatively easy task for QuantFarm.