About QuantFarm

Who we are?

QuantFarm is a full-service, enterprise software technology firm, focused exclusively on Big Data & Data Science. Big Data is not some big idea for tomorrow. Today – indeed at this very instant – it’s fundamentally changing how companies serve customers, manage operations and define their business models. It has become the key basis of competition. And a key differentiator for the future.

But the massive hype, perplexing range of Big Data technology options and a myriad of vendors make finding the right solution harder than it needs to be.

To address these challenges, QuantFarm was founded with the singular purpose of enabling enterprises adopt Big Data and Data Science quickly and easily. And use it effectively to drive bottom-line results.

What we offer?

Started by a team of industry experts with over 20 years of collective Big Data experience, QuantFarm provides world class advisory, technical consulting, managed services and corporate training exclusively on Big Data and Data Science.

Since most enterprises prefer to begin their Big Data journey with a PoC, we have developed a unique Simulator and ROI Predictor for Big Data PoCs which cuts down the time and cost by 80%.This exclusive focus and unique synergy of solutions make us a one-stop-shop for your Big Data needs. Saving you money, time and legwork.

We know what it takes to make a successful transition into the world of Big Data With our IP based PoC platform, highly experienced professionals and data-analytics centricity, we are committed to make your Big Data migration smooth, risk-free and cost-effective. As an example, a typical PoC implementation using our platform WhizBang, takes 2 weeks and costs $10,000. This helps our clients discover best suited Use-Cases for full blown Big Data implementation quickly on a small budget and mitigates the risks normally associated with Big Data projects.

So whether you need to implement a Big Data PoC, outsource a Big Data migration project, set-up Hadoop clusters or farm out Hadoop administration, QuantFarm is a safe choice. Being based in Pune, India, we can deliver these world class services and solutions at a price which is50-60% lower than average. And with a unique Fixed-Price as well as Outcome-Based Engagement Model, your IT investment is 100% protected.

Executive leadership

Sushil Jha

Sushil Jha
Founder and CEO
B.E, M.B.A

Sushil Jha, an entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley, has helped several large and small businesses for more than 20 years with his technical and business expertise.

He began his career with the computer industry in India. Later in 1994 he relocated to California, USA. Since then, he created enormous value for corporates in the Silicon Valley with his expertise in offshore-outsourcing engagements. He enabled several businesses reduce IT budget and maximize ROI.

He is the co-founder of two successful Silicon Valley based startups. One of them specialized in online marketing and the other in marketing automation. Both the startups were eventually acquired.

A strong believer in Big Data & Data Science, Sushil is now fully committed to help global enterprises take full benefit of emerging technologies in this field. With that singular motive, he co-founded QuantFarm, which implements an IP-led consulting solution to accelerate Big Data adoption.

He also enjoys mentoring younger professionals to leverage the new opportunities unfolding in Big Data and Data Science.

He lives with his wife in Cupertino, CA. But frequently travels to India and other countries as needed by his clients. His two grown up sons are now his best friends, encouraging him to live by his dreams every day.

Anil Goyal

Anil Goyal
Head of Delivery

Anil Goyal is a proven leader in enterprise software and Telecom industry with rich global experience spanning a career of 25 years. Working primarily as Delivery Head and Program Manager for companies like IBM, Verizon, Amdocs and Reliance, he has developed a broad range of skills and expertise, required for managing large and complex projects.

In his recent role at IBM, he successfully delivered India’s most ambitious Big Data Project for Vodaphone, by marshalling IBM’s expertise and resources around the globe. As an IBM certified Cloud & Big Data Architect and IBM certified Enterprise Architect, he has helped several organizations deploy IBM’s Big Data and Analytical solutions successfully in a variety of domains.

He was also successful in turning around CMG Logica, a mid-size software company in South Africa from a loss of US $7.4 millions to a profit of US $4.3 millions within a year. As a hands-on manager, he has built successful pre sales as well as delivery organizations with focus on customer-success.

An engineer from NIT Trichy, he has always enjoyed challenging assignments which propelled his career to greater heights. He is excited to be part of an entrepreneurial venture in the field of Big Data and leverage his global experience to build a world class delivery organization for QuantFarm.

Rahul Dhond

Rahul Dhond
VP Big Data Analytics

Rahul Dhond is an experienced software consulting professional with over 15 years of rich global experience including 13 years in N. America. He has worked in a variety of domains including Networking, Telecom, Higher Education, Data-warehousing and ERP. He has consulted companies ranging from early-stage start-ups in the Silicon Valley to large corporations like SUN Microsystems, HP Enterprise Services and Educational Institutes across USA and Canada.

He has good experience in Systems Analysis, Software Application Engineering and Analytics. His special interests include Big Data architectures and Data Science Use Cases in a variety of domains.

He is a Computer Engineer from University of Pune, India and a M.S (Comp. Sc.) from Western Kentucky University, USA. He is also a certified IBM Cloud Computing Solutions Architect.

He loves music and plays the keyboards in his spare time. He is also an avid reader and enjoys solving complex problems for his customers.